The highest quality education based on spirituality, honesty, excellence, responsibility and respect starts here

The Marymount Barranquilla preschool offers children the opportunity to experience school in a pleasant, exciting and fun environment. At this stage, learning takes place through games, experimentation, concept construction and, at the same time, the development of the necessary vocabulary in order for the student to start a smooth road in Social Studies and Natural Science, Art, Math and Music. In the language classes, both English and Spanish, we stimulate their communication skills such as talking, reading, writing, listening and the understanding of the world around them.

The activities carried out by the children are structured games and creative practices, which provide a truly nurturing experience during their life in preschool.


We have three levels: Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kinder. Each level has three classes, each one with a teacher, a co-teacher and a group of professionals in different academic and sports disciplines, as well as our interdisciplinary team of speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and tutors. They accompany and assist our students throughout their daily activities to innovatively accomplish a more individualized and comprehensive learning program.

Starting in Nursery children are supported though English language immersion. Approximately 90% of their day at school takes place in that language.
Vocabulary is acquired in a natural way, through pretend activities and real experiences so that when they graduate from preschool, the students can understand, talk and progress in reading and writing both in English and in Spanish.

The standards that guide our curriculum framework in each subject are:

  • Cambridge Stage 1 (Math and Science)
  • Cambridge Stage 1 and Common Core (English)
  • AERO Standards (Social Studies)
  • National Ministry of Education (Dance, Music and Visual Arts)
  • P.E. Metrics (Physical Education)


The students have access to spaces which are designed using essential elements so that the student can play, have fun and develop motor skills and interact with others in a warm and safe environment.

The Preschool premises have two recreational parks with modern games, a tree house, a game house, a synthetic soccer field, a tricycle trail and spaces that contribute to the development of the childrens' motor skills.

We have a children's library, a gym equipped with platforms and vestibular and sensory stimulation materials, a music room, a dance room, a visual arts room which operates under the concept of maker space, and reading corners in each classroom.
Psychologists offer support through a recreational program called "Pisotón", which aims to promote the psycho emotional well-being of the children.

We are aware of the importance of parental time and dedication for a child. This is why the school organizes events during the academic year so that parents can be actively involved in the education of their children: Parent Workshops, "Mamitas y Papitos en Acción" Program and scheduled meetings in order to create a close connection between home and school.

The Marymount Way

Through the Marymount Way we understand values as convictions that are evident in our daily behavior and that reflect a lifestyle based on spirituality, honesty, excellence, responsibility and respect. This is evident since preschool where we foster and support our students to be the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow, influencing others to accomplish a common good, giving the best of themselves and realizing the best version of others, complemented by a strong emphasis on values.

We invite our students to experiment using 21st century skills such as Global Competence, the ability to investigate the world, recognizing their own and others' perspectives to be able to relate effectively to promote sustainable development in the world.
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