The culmination of "Mission Marymount 2023" marks a historic moment for Marymount School. Having a strategic compass propels us in the relentless pursuit of knowledge, leadership, and global competence. Throughout this five-year journey, we have achieved outstanding results, all of which lead to one ultimate goal: graduating students with the "The Marymount Way" seal.
The future offers us new opportunities to unite even more as a community that embraces and embodies the legacy and mission of the RSHM of Marymount, transforming our world together as "Leaders Educating Leaders."
With a clear vision and a well-defined mission, we will continue to integrate these elements into our educational community, now embarking on a new phase of strategic planning. MM 2026 is dedicated to improving our curriculum and nurturing the potential of our students to prepare them for the dynamic challenges of the 21st century. Our commitment is to continue fostering an inclusive and innovative learning environment where students can develop critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity.
Our commitment to graduating students as distinguished entrepreneurial leaders, recognized for their values and global competence, remains steadfast.
Marymount Mission 2026 (MM2026) is built on solid pillars: Providing a quality education based on Catholic principles. Forming students in values that guide them to model them as a lifestyle, always and everywhere.


We are a learning community based on Catholic principles, offering a holistic educational experience that develops students capable of: Embarking on a transformative life project and Leading with integrity and responsibility in a globalized society.


Be the Leaders Educating Leaders
We aspire to be "Los Líderes Formando Líderes," cultivating future leaders with the Marymount Way: entrepreneurial, globally competent, and grounded in strong values. We teach by example, using meaningful pedagogy to guide students in building transformative life projects for a better future.
The entire Marymount community joins hands – directors, teachers, collaborators, and parents – to strengthen our bonds and leverage individual strengths through the Marymount Way. Together, we become the leaders who educate future leaders.
It's more than just being leaders; it's empowering the next generation with the skills and values to build a better future. This united effort, fueled by our commitment to excellence and transformative education, defines the Marymount Way.


Since its founding, Marymount Barranquilla has been recognized for educating leaders in different professional realms. Our alumni have stood out throughout the years, not only for the leadership they have demonstrated in various occupational fields such as government, medicine, business, arts and sports, among other areas, but also for how the Marymount values had become their lifestyle.

This is The Marymount Way, a hallmark of our graduate students and what holds us together as a community. Through the construction of MM2023, The Marymount Way was updated in light of the school’s past, present and future.
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