High School

Entrepreneurial leaders who transform ideas and challenges into actions

Students start high school with a strong foundation at the cognitive, spiritual and emotional level, which is why they are prepared to receive a curriculum offering them the necessary skills to be successful at international and national universities.

In order to develop a high academic level in the students, curriculum is based on the guidelines from the National Ministry of Education and international bodies. As an accredited member of NEASC and CIS we are educating leaders for the world and, for their development, we implement the conceptual framework of Teaching for Understanding.


The school monitors student progress in an ongoing assessment process using results from national and international standardized tests such as Pruebas Saber, SAT and PSAT.  

Aware of the need to educate students with an international perspective and the importance of learning different languages, starting in 7th grade, French is added to the curriculum.

Students are offered the opportunity to participate in international school exchanges. Additionally, we offer them preparation and guidance to take the Michigan, TOEFL and DELF tests.
Starting in 10th grade, students start a holistic career guidance program in preparation for their life project, which includes aptitude and interest tests, counseling, expert conferences, internships, national and international university fairs and visits from national and local universities.

Committed in an emphatic way with the education of leaders, the school calls for the participation in the Model United Nations, an educational and cultural first-level program that aside from favoring growth and academic training of students, also facilitates skills such as public speaking, rhetoric and negotiation, vital for the participants' personal and professional lives.


We aim to educate confident students with high self-esteem who are able to apply the knowledge acquired in their daily life and demonstrate their ability to deal with challenges and future situations. We also work to help students build a strong foundation which allows them to develop leadership skills, structures them for research, critical thinking and problem resolution.

Taking into consideration adolescent characteristics, we have two psychologists in the section who are in charge of providing support to the students for all their psychoaffective needs.
For this, we implement educational programs such as field trips led by specialists, guidance classes led by psychologists who focus on guiding and emphasizing their responsibility with their sexuality, the prevention alcohol, tobacco and hallucinogenic drugs use. Students also use a daily meditation booklet with age appropriate topics called "El Man Esta Vivo" ("He is Alive").

They are invited to participate in programs such as the God's Faith Club, where students compliment their spirituality through activities geared toward the dissemination and implementation of the statements of Pope Francis in his Laudato Si Encyclical, toward the care of our Common Home, the UNESCO sustainable development goals and service to others.

With the purpose of helping students to develop their sense of social responsibility, we promote the Interact Club, a program from the Rotary International Club, which allows its members to participate actively helping vulnerable communities of the region.

Additionally, students develop different social projects every year, which benefit the Fundemabu students as well as the school employees and their families. In this way we highlight service as the foundation of successful leadership, keeping in mind that the pillar of a life-long education is to create young people with great spiritual strength, and virtues that form the backbone of their character. This all takes place in the quest for excellence, discipline, responsibility, respect, honesty and service to the community.

The Marymount Way

Through the Marymount Way we understand values as convictions that are evident in our daily behavior and that reflect a lifestyle based on spirituality, honesty, excellence, responsibility and respect. In high school we strengthen the education of our students to be the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow, influencing others to accomplish a common good, giving the best of themselves and realizing the best version of others, complemented by the education in values.

We invite our students to experiment using 21st century skills such as global competence, the ability to investigate the world, recognizing their own and others' perspective to be able to relate effectively with others to exercise the actions that promote sustainable development in the world.
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