At Marymount Barranquilla we are a learning community in which the formative experience aims to develop 21st century skills, global competence and positive entrepreneurial leadership based on strong human values. For this we implement a pedagogical model endorsed by national and international standards; we practice teaching for comprehension, significant learning and the development of the dimensions of the human being and knowledge keeping in mind the stages and evolution of the learner.

Each field of knowledge finds its benchmark in a set of national and international standards that point out the academic content to address during the academic year; all subjects follow the guidelines of the National Ministry of Education and the international guidelines defined.

Curriculum by Levels


Curriculum by Subjects and Levels

Language: English and Spanish
The students start their immersion in English in nursery through rhymes, songs, stories and games which allow for the development of alphabetical knowledge, phonological awareness, vocabulary, comprehension and oral production. In pre-kinder, through didactic activities, they strengthen their body, coordination, visual and hearing abilities and fine motor skills as a foundation for the handwriting process; and subsequently, phonemic awareness as a foundation for strong decoding and fluency in the reading process, as well as the development of strong decoding as part of their writing process. They will start their reading comprehension in both languages from a primary analysis of the literal message on the text and a deeper one using the stories from the classroom libraries. At the kinder level, with the Balanced Literacy Program, they will develop reading and writing with different types of books in both languages, at the same time that they build up on their spelling and handwriting

Elementary School
The students will strengthen their reading through decodification, fluency and comprehension in Spanish as well as in English. They will apply reading comprehension strategies based on the Balanced Literacy program to develop a primary level of inference, alliteration recognition, identification of the parts of the story, the main idea of a text and the recognition of the structure of a poem. They will also learn to perform an analysis of explicit and implicit language, as well as to analyze different types of text. They will develop their written production from the point of view of a writer from different types of texts, expressing their message fluently, coherently and with enough level of detail. Through presentations, projects and activities in class they will develop their oral production with intonation and fluency. Finally, they will build up their spelling and handwriting.

High School
Through the "Plan Lector" reading program and the classroom libraries, we will strengthen the ability to infer implicit messages in different types of texts through content analysis, formal features and communicative intent, reading comprehension strategies, and literary analysis. Additionally, there will be an emphasis in the development of oral and written production to express a point of view with coherence and cohesion, with good management of grammatical aspects and an appropriate vocabulary and making good use of the APA Style. Through the presentation of projects that have a relationship with real life and develop global competence, they will also develop their oral production with intonation and fluency. With the classroom libraries and the reader program, they will develop critical thinking skills when analyzing different texts at the same time. They will strengthen their oral expression communicating clearly, respectfully and with the right vocabulary depending on the communicative purpose. Aside from their preparation process for the Pruebas Saber 11, students participate in the "Explore Horizons" project to develop knowledge and research abilities that will help them determine their professional career.
Math and Geometry
Science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Social Studies
Social Science
Physical Educacion
Arts: Visual Arts, Music, Theater and Dance
Economics and Politics
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