Academic Excellence


National Honor Society

Belonging to the National Honor Society is the highest distinction offered by Marymount Barranquilla, given to those students that demonstrate outstanding personal qualities and that have stood out for their academic excellence. The selection process in order to be part of the Marymount National Honor Society is open for students in 11th and 12th grades who have been designated as eligible in the statutes of the society.

Marymount Honor Society

With the goal of fostering excellence, Marymount Barranquilla has created the Marymount Honor Society for students from 7th - 10th grade. The students who obtain a minimum grade of 90 in academics and 85 in disposition and responsibility during 5ht and 6th grades can be members starting in 7th grade. Once the student starts high school, it is necessary that he/she keeps the minimum requirements during two consecutive years and receives unanimous teacher approval to become a member. To continue being a member of The Society, they should keep the requisites grades and approval of teachers.
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