Clubes Estudiantiles

To familiarize our students and promote in them social awareness through the participation in communitary based activities is one of the most important responsibilities Marymount Barranquilla has. We are aware that through them we allow for the formation of potential agents of change, committed to the common good. To serve others is an experience that allows students to develop and share their talents, abilities and knowledge, as well as their recognition as transformative leaders in the service of the community. At Marymount we have the following clubs:

Interact Club

Interact Club partners with the Barranquilla Rotary Club, in which students from 6th through 11th grade have the opportunity to acquire, through their social service, leadership, interpersonal skills and an appreciation of serving the community.

Interact Marymount was created in 2001 and is one of the leading Interact Clubs globally, regarding membership. On average, 150 high school students participate annually.

During each academic year, the members of Interact Marymount have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with different communities or foundations and the opportunity to share with children and the elderly from different local foundations developing fundraising activities that allow them to support the foundations. First, it supports Fundemabu, Marymount Barranquilla's social work and other foundations such as: Hogar San Camilo, Asilo San Antonio, Fabrica de Sonrisas (Crilap), Sanar, Fundación Andrea among many others. Under its motto: INTERACT MARYMOUNT CHANGES LIVES, its members learn that true happiness comes by helping others. 

Green Club

With the goal of increasing community awareness of the need to protect and preserve the environment, students were invited to be part of an ecologic group. In 2015, the Green Club was created by some 11th and 12th grade students and teachers Maria Esperanza Valbuena and Claudia Rincón, the Green Club was created. Through the Green Club green culture and activities geared toward environmental education, and awareness of environmental issues are promoted. Some past activities include: "Sembrando Huellas", the planting of trees at the Sabanilla Campus which brought together the whole Marymount Community, and the visit to Parque Natural Isla Salamanca, where the setting of the classroom is nature, with the goal of developing skills and competencies in environmental care and preservation.


The United Nations Model (MUN) is the simulation of the General Assembly and the multilateral bodies of the United Nations, in which students of many schools worldwide participate. This program not only involves young people in the study and discussion of global topics, but also fosters in them the development of useful skills such as documentation, writing, oratory, problem and conflict resolution, building of consensus, agreements and cooperation throughout their lives.
With the purpose of forming young leaders, interested in learning more about politics, business and local and global problems, Marymount started the BAMUN Club approximately 20 years ago. Learn more here.

Dream Arts Club


The Dream Arts Club is designed to offer our student community the necessary tools for artistic enrichment in search of academic development and emotional support for its members, fostering a safe and prejudice-free learning space where they have freedom of expression and are allowed personal growth.

We hope that through their experience with the arts, our students will find a better relationship with themselves, their passions, and the people around them.

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