Student Government

At Marymount, we motivate students to be part of, and get to know, the different forms of student representation. They have the opportunity to elect and be elected, represent the interests of the community and develop their political leadership ability.

The implementation of different democratic practices are put into action by the leadership, teachers and students through the digital vote. The elections of student government take place using a survey where you can see the names and pictures of the candidates aspiring to: Student Representative "Personero" (12th grade), Student Representative "Personero" Deputy (11th grade), Student Representative before Executive Council (12th grade), President (12th grade), Vicepresident (11th grade), Secretary (10th grade), Student Council Treasurer (11th grade).

The School Director summons all enrolled students with the purpose of electing through a simple majority system and through secret vote the Student Representative "Personero" and the President of the Student Council. The Student Representative before the Executive Council will be that student who obtains the second highest vote total.

The students from preschool, elementary school and high school motivated by the teachers in charge, during a period of 60 minutes approximately, will have the opportunity to democratically elect the candidate of their preference during class.

The Marymount students interested in aspiring to some of the roles in the Student Government should have the following qualities:

  • Stand out for their behavior, responsibility and model the Marymount Way 2.0.
  • Be respectful to authority and enforce respect towards it.
  • Be able to resolve conflicts through dialogue always.
  • Value differences and different points of view.
  • Reject the different forms of discrimination.
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiousity.
  • Build peaceful relationships identifying and controlling emotions.
  • Overcome conflicts promoting the general well-being and recognizing human rights.
  • Be accepted in the group and have a good command of interpersonal relationships.
  • Be prudent with the management of information that as a member he/she might have access to.
  • Have been enrolled at least two years at the school.
  • Have a positive, receptive and critical attitude during class.
  • Obey the School Rules - Community Handbook at all times.
  • Respect their own and others' rights.
  • Not have any disciplinary or academic obligations.
Sofía Arango
STUCO PRESIDENT 2023-2024Sofía Arango


The STUCO President is a 12th grade student who receives the second-highest number of votes in the student assembly, through a secret ballot.

Some of their duties include:

  1. Representing the student body before the School Board.
  2. Embracing, modeling, and motivating the Student Council representatives and other students in the Marymount Way.
  3. Having a thorough understanding of the School's Philosophy, the Marymount School Student Profile, and the Internal Regulations and Coexistence Manual.
  4. Setting an example at all times as a responsible and mature individual who knows how to assume their duties and obligations, promoting understanding, dialogue, and mutual assistance.
  5. Serving as a communication bridge between the School Board and the Student Council.
  6. Collaborating with Student Council members to organize support groups for various activities and other responsibilities.


The Personero will be a 12th grade student responsible for promoting the exercise of the duties and rights of students as enshrined in the Constitution, laws, regulations, and the code of conduct.

Some of their duties include:

  • Promote the fulfillment of students' rights and duties, utilizing the school's internal communication channels, seeking the collaboration of the Student Council, organizing forums, or other forms of deliberation.

  • Submit to the Principal requests or petitions deemed necessary to protect students' rights and facilitate the fulfillment of their duties.

  • Receive complaints and grievances from students regarding violations of their rights, as well as those from any member of the educational community concerning the non-compliance of students' obligations.

  • Participate in behavioral evaluations per period when requested by educators or the respective coordinator.

  • During communal events, actively contribute to disciplinary matters in conjunction with the respective administration.

  • Safeguard the institution's reputation, both within and outside of it.

  • Support and promote the school's philosophy.


Student Council

Elected student council, featuring a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and class representatives. It ensures continuous student participation in school life, with a spokesperson from each grade (4 to 6 in Elementary, and 7 to 12 in High School).
Some of their responsibilities are:

  • Organization of academic, cultural, sports and social activities.
  • Creation of youth organizations, media and other actions which aim to promote active, responsible, fair and democratic participation of students.
  • Analyze initiatives geared toward the improvement of school life as well as the concerns and complaints from the groups.
  • Demand punctual attendance to each of the scheduled meetings.
  • Promote optimal relationships with tutors, teachers, academic/administrative staff and students.
  • Promote the total cooperation of their fellow students to fulfill the duties of the Council and the appropriate running of the institution.
  • Be an example of good manners in front of the student body and avoid comments and activities that injure the dignity of others.
  • Motivate through its members that communication between the groups is carried out in English and always support the school campaigns with respect.
Among others.
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