RSHM Network of Schools

Marymount Barranquilla is a member of the Global Network of schools founded by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (RSHM), a network of schools around the world with the objective of cultivating the philosophy of the founders of the RSHM congregation, Père Jean Gailhac and Saint Mère Jean.

Each year, members of the different schools around the world get together to strengthen the philosophy and mission that unites them, learn about future projections and promote the creativity and enthusiasm of each school to continue responding to the challenges of the "global community".

Called by Jesus Christ into the fullness of life, inspired by the values of the Gospel and the educational heritage from the Institute of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary "that all may have life", the mission of the global network of RSHM schools is:

"Foster the gift of internationality and broaden the commitment with the world's transformation through education."

As members of the network we are committed to:

  • Guide our professionals to create the school community in the history, charisma and spirituality of RSHM.
  • Educate for a multicultural and multireligious world.
  • Work to educate and act for the causes of humanity and creation.
  • Prepare our students to become leaders and agents of transformation and justice.

Currently, 19 schools from 8 countries belong to the RSHM global network: England, France, Portugal, Italy, United States, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. Belonging to this network is of great importance for our school and community because it gives us international visibility, it strengthens our background and it stabilizes our path into the future.
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