Marymount Atlhetic & Cultural Club

Marymount Barranquilla, in its quest to help students reach their full potential, recognizes sports, social awareness and leadership as essential tools in the formation of its students. To help reach this goal, the school has designed an extracurricular activities program that allows students to develop abilities and strengthen their skills, accompanied by a feeling of passion and belonging, which facilitates acting on behalf of the School with pride and respect within the framework of values which Marymount represents.

All sports, artistic and social extracurricular activities are directed and combined through MACC (Marymount Athletic and Cultural Club), created 10 years ago with the purpose of promoting and fostering sports, physical activity, passion for art, sensitivity towards the environment and good citizenship among students.

MACC Club has 800 students enrolled each year in the different activities offered in the areas of Sports, Music and Art, Global Competence and Social Awareness.




It's an Eagle thing to be part of MACC

Marymount Barranquilla owns one of the biggest sports complexes in the Department of Atlántico, located in Sabanilla, which has a covered coliseum for Basketball and Volleyball, a dance room, an olympic pool, 6 soccer fields, two baseball fields and wide green areas to develop a variety of activities related to sports. At the sports campus, students enjoy an area completely equipped for each activity, always accompanied by a group of teachers qualified and committed to our students and the Institution.

We offer the following disciplines:

Music and Arts

We support the talent of our future leaders in arts

Art is one of the highest expressions of the human activity which allows the development and evolution of the human being and the interpretation of reality. Aware of the importance of the arts and its positive influence on the formation of the individual, this MACC Club offers different activities related to fine arts, through which it looks to form more tolerant, open-minded students, capable of expressing their creativity, working individually and as part of a team, self-confident and with improved academic performance. All the while they should have fun doing what they like the best.

"It has been scientifically demonstrated that the study of fine arts, at a young age, develops in human beings a sensitivity which helps them to also develop solid ethics in their adult life.

We offer the following activities:
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